Three Popular Uses For An Asphalt Emulsion Coating

Water is one of the greatest threats to any structure or surface that is outside. Not only can water lead to serious structural issues in a building, but it can cause asphalt drives and walkways to wear down prematurely, and result in potholes and unsightly cracks. An asphalt emulsion can help stave off the effects of water damage by acting as a barrier to water exposure. While it is commonly used in the restoration or installation of asphalt driveways, it can also be used for several other construction projects. Here are just three of the most popular applications for an asphalt based waterproofing suspension.

Foundation Walls

The foundation of a home is what keeps a structure sturdy. As water builds around the foundation from rainfall, it can lead to leaks and other water damage. While some waterproof sealants can provide protection, few compare to the waterproofing abilities of an asphalt emulsion. It will easily bond to the surface of the foundation walls and create a watertight barrier that will help prevent seepage and protect the integrity of any size home.

Pool Walls

Pools are constructed of many components, which are all designed to help keep the water in a pool from seeping out. One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of an in-ground pool is to line the exterior walls with an asphalt based waterproofing agent. It will help reduce the breakdown of the pools exterior walls and ensure water doesn’t seep out and lead to flooding or underground water damage.

Commercial Roofs

A commercial flat roof is covered with a rubber membrane, which is then coated with an asphalt based sealant. This helps protect the rubber liner and ensure it can stand up to prolonged sun exposure and the most violent storms. While non-asphalt based products are available, they do not offer the same water repelling characteristics of an oil-based emulsion.

While there are many uses for asphalt-based emulsion products, they should only be installed by a professional. Contact the team at Highline Pavement Maintenance for any asphalt repair and installation needs, and put their 20 years of experience to work. Visit to learn more about the services they provide, and how they can make building and home maintenance an easy and worry-free task. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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