Three Important Tips on How to Tow Travel Trailers in Des Moines Safely

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Automotive 

A travel trailer, also known as a towable, is a recreational vehicle that can be pulled behind a van, truck, or SUV. It is an effective, affordable, and comfortable way for people to enjoy camping adventures and other touring vacations. Travel Trailers in Des Moines come in a large variety of sizes ranging from 12 feet to the 33 feet. The newest travel trailers offer much, including bunk beds for the troops, satellite TV, slide outs, designer-;grade interiors, built-in generators and much more. One of most important considerations before buying a travel trailer is to make sure that the tow vehicle can safely pull the unit. Being in charge of a travel trailer and towing vehicle adds significant responsibility for the driver to keep the passengers and other road users safe. Here are three important tips on how to tow a travel trailer safely.

Tip 1: Make Sure the Travel Trailer is Road Worthy

For one to tow a travel trailer properly, it is important to ensure that the trailer itself is roadworthy. Have a certified RV mechanic inspect the electrical, suspension, and braking systems before starting the trip. Check the tire pressures for the trailer and the towing vehicle. The right tire inflation allows one to get the best gas mileage possible.

Tip 2: Determine the Weight Limits for the Travel Trailer and Tow Vehicle

It is essential to know the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for the tow vehicle and travel trailer to stay within the law. Take the time to review towing laws for every state you will be traveling. Remember to check whether the states have laws regarding the length of the rig and whether one can tow a boat or another vehicle behind.

Tip 3: Prepare the Travel Trailer

Secure all items in the trailer and ensure that all cabinet door latches are in place so that nothing falls or breaks open on the road. Additionally, close all doors and windows prior to starting the trip. It is advisable to ensure water tanks and propane bottles are full.

With a good understanding of the above tips, it is possible to tow Travel Trailers in Des Moines safely. For additional details about travel trailers and how to contact a reputable dealer, Click Here.

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