Three Common Obstacles to Winning Disability

Three Common Obstacles to Winning Disability

If you are campaigning for disability SSI, you are already well aware of what a hassle the whole process can be. Indeed, there are many obstacles in place that make it difficult for ever the most deserving of candidates to secure the assistance they are entitled to and need. If you have found yourself in this situation, you may be able to improve your prospects by hiring a Woodridge social security disability lawyer. Here are three common obstacle applicants face and why having a lawyer matters.

Paperwork Has Been Filed Incorrectly

The forms required for a SSI/SSDI application can be overwhelming to say the least. If you are attempting to complete all required paperwork without the help of a lawyer, there’s a good chance you might make a mistake and set yourself back considerably. This is, after al, one of the most common obstacles candidates face. A Woodridge social security disability lawyer can prevent this by assisting you with all necessary paperwork and ensuring it is completed correctly.

You Do Not Provide Records to SSA or DDS

The Social Security Administration and Disability Determination Services are the two agencies tasked with filtering disability claims. They will likely throw yours out if it does not include medical records proving your disability. This means you need to compile all relevant medical records and keep them handy in case they are requested. Keep in touch with your health care provider for any further needs you may have, or provide their information to your Woodridge social security disability lawyer.

You Do Not Follow Orders

In some cases, disability benefits are granted conditionally with the stipulation that the recipient continue or seek a certain form of treatment. If this is your case, and you do not follow the prescribed treatment, you can expect to have your benefits denied. You can appeal this and other denials, however, with help from a Woodridge social security disability lawyer.

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