Things About Accidents a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Oahu Already Knows

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Law

Although a pedestrian accident attorney in Oahu can help a person deal with the aftermath of an accident, most individuals probably would prefer not to be in accidents to begin with. That is why people have to take safety very seriously. It’s important for both drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to what they are doing. In order for people to not get into these accidents, they have to know what causes them in the first place. Drivers have to pay attention to what pedestrians are doing, and pedestrians have to pay attention to what drivers are doing.

So what are some of the top causes for pedestrian accidents? Any pedestrian accident attorney in Oahu knows how bad drinking and driving can be. Drivers who are under the influence are a threat to other drivers and pedestrians. But how many people think about pedestrians who are under the influence of alcohol? When pedestrians are inebriated, they might walk into traffic or do other risky things that put them in danger. People who are under the influence of alcohol shouldn’t think they are safe just because they are walking. Whenever a person sees that a person is either walking or driving while visibly impaired, law enforcement should be notified.

There are some tips that both pedestrians and drivers should follow. Drivers should avoid looking at their phones while they are driving. Being distracted for just one second could cause a driver to strike a pedestrian. The same goes to pedestrians when crossing the street. They need to pay attention to drivers who might not be paying attention to the traffic signals. Pedestrians should never think a vehicle is going to stop just because a traffic signal or traffic sign indicates that the vehicle should do so. They need to wait until vehicles have stopped until they start crossing the street.

If a person is even in an accident, it’s important to contact or another lawyer as soon as possible. Lawyers can assist accident victims in a lot of ways. Wasting time can make it much harder for an accident victim to get any justice for what happened to them.

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