Thermoset Resins With A Purpose: Epoxy Powder Coating

Thermoset Resins With A Purpose: Epoxy Powder Coating

When it comes to providing the perfect finish for a part or product, companies face a choice among various diverse methods and techniques. Chief among these are wet and dry powder coatings. Among the various resins in use for a dry powder coating, epoxy powder coatings can make an excellent choice. In Grand Rapids MI, many commercial companies choose this method over others.

Epoxy Powder Coatings

Epoxy powder coatings are popular for very solid reasons. They offer certain advantages to the substrate surfaces they cover. They are:

 * Resistant to weather conditions

 * Corrosive impervious

 * Chemical resistant

 * Abrasion resistant

 * Able to provide protection – even during the application of specific types of high level external and unforeseen force

 * Highly adhesive to many different metal surfaces

Overall, an epoxy powder coating provides its metal with the ability to improve the quality of the metal substrate, allowing it to have a further life expectancy.

However, this does not mean epoxy powder coatings are ideal for all settings and circumstances. Experts in Grand Rapids MI caution against its use for items functioning in an external environment as these coatings suffer from poor chalk resistance. When this occurs, the surface weakens resulting in deterioration of the ability of the coating to provide the requisite protection. This restricts usage to internal or interior usage. While such coatings are common for metal furniture, they also prove to be effective for various vehicles, e.g., part of an automobile’s underbody.

Epoxy Powder Coating 

For those who are interested in improving the finish of their products, consider the benefits of Epoxy powder coatings. They provide certain advantages including durability and protection against corrosive and caustic substances. While not immune to the damaging effects of UV rays, many fabricators in Grand Rapids MI do not hesitate to recommend it under certain provisos. They know that an epoxy powder coating can be an effective means of providing protection to various parts operating within an indoor setting.

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