Thermal Spray Coating – Application and Benefits

Thermal Spray Coating – Application and Benefits

There are a number of different industries that benefit from thermal spray coating products. The technology in the coating industry has advanced over the course of recent years and decades, enabling the use of highly effective and reliable metal finishing services. A skilled and experienced metal finishing company can help you achieve your project goals in terms of the protection you need for your machinery and components.

The Application Process

Various steps are involved in the application of thermal spray coatings. The steps that comprise the coating process, include preparation, masking, application, finishing, and inspection.

In order to achieve a fine-grained finish on the material surface, molten materials are often used in the process. The formed material is subjected to a flame – either acetylene or hydrogen-based. Then, the flame is turned into a fine spray. From the flame proceeds molten particles that are distributed to the metal surface. Molten powder resting on the surface quickly turns into a solid. The component subjected to the finishing process is maintained at a low temperature as well. This process is often referred to as cold processing.

The thermal spray coating process mentioned above allows you to benefit from various options for your coating. A number of different materials may be utilized in powder form enabling you to take advantage of various coating options for your parts. Certain materials that may be damaged when subjected to such elevated temperatures or require a higher melting point man what is produced by the flame may not benefit from this process.

Metal Finishing Services

A premier leader of industrial coating services can help you obtain the thermal spray coating products you need to meet your project specifications and requirements. With the support of a company that has experience carrying out industrial coating projects similar to yours in scope and application, you can have confidence you will achieve your desired results for your equipment and parts.

If you need the benefits provided by thermal spray coatings for your applications are projects, to begin, get in touch with a reliable and experienced specialty coatings service provider serving your area.

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