There’s Never Just One Carpenter Bee in Freehold, NJ

There’s Never Just One Carpenter Bee in Freehold, NJ

Although carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumblebees by those not in the know, they can cause significantly more damage over time. Although it is unlikely that any human inhabitants or pets will be harmed by a Carpenter Bee in Freehold NJ, as the males do not sting and the females only sting if they are severely provoked, the outcome for houses themselves is less optimistic. Unfortunately these otherwise fairly harmless bees are wood borers. Much like a termite infestation, a carpenter bee infestation can cause structural damage to a home before residents even realize they are there. Keep an eye out for the common signs of carpenter bee infestation below and call an exterminator, such as Freehold Pest Control, immediately upon noticing them.

Perfectly Round Holes in Wood

Unlike termites carpenter bees do not actually consume wood. They bore almost perfectly round tunnels into it in order to provide shelter for their young. These tunnel openings are small, usually about half an inch in diameter, but they can bore as deep as ten feet into wooden structures if left unchecked. The most common wooden objects to be attacked by carpenter bees are the eaves of homes, doors, window-sills, and outdoor furniture. They can also bore into living or dead trees. Any untreated wood is at risk for an infestation.

Strange Sounds

Many residents report actually hearing activity within their walls. The sound resembles that produced by mice or rats chewing in the walls, which is unsurprising because that’s precisely what the bees are doing.

Sudden Appearance of Woodpeckers

Often carpenter bees attract woodpeckers to their nests. These birds love to feast on the larvae of any Carpenter Bee in Freehold NJ that has not yet bored far enough into a wooden structure to provide adequate protection for its young. Woodpeckers may be more aesthetically appealing than swarms of bees, but they are also capable of causing even more destruction.

Visible Sawdust

Piles of sawdust often begin to appear at the base of wooden structures. If this occurs in conjunction with bees flying through the area, chances are there’s already an infestation in progress. These bees may leave for the season, but they will come back, and they will bring friends. Call an exterminator as soon as the first sign of carpenter bees has been noticed.

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