The Variety Of Cremation Services In Seattle

Cremation is an ancient and respected practice. In fact, scientists discovered a cremated body in Australia that dates back 20,000 years. No one is sure where the practice started but many cultures used it. The Vikings cremated the dead and may have brought the practice to Great Britain. In ancient Britain, the body was dressed in a costume and placed on a pyre. There is evidence that animals may have been placed on the pyer with the body.

The practice is common in India where religion calls for it. Hindus believe a fetus is “cooked in the womb.” Therefore, cremation is viewed as a reverse process that separates flesh from bone. Buddhists practice cremation because Buddha was cremated. Interestingly, modern cremation practices are traced back to an exhibit at the Vienna Exhibition in 1873. The exhibit was a prototype for an early crematory. Through the years, many Christian and Catholic churches opposed cremation. This was based on the idea a person needed a body to be resurrected. Eventually, churches stopped opposing the practice. Today, cremation services in Seattle are widely accepted.

Some speculate cremation is popular because of the cost. Indeed, cremation can be thousands of dollars cheaper than a funeral. For instance, businesses offer a package for cremation services in Seattle. The package includes the cost of picking up the remains and crematory fee. Likewise, there is a charge for obtaining the death certificate and supplying an urn or other container. One can also purchase items for a memorial service. The memorial package usually includes Thank You cards, Prayer cards and a Register Book.

Most families have a memorial service for their loved one. The service can be held at a private residence or a church. Traditionally, the services feature large pictures of the deceased since there is not a body. Likewise, a focal point is selected for the urn to be displayed. Friends and family often send flowers like they do for a funeral. There are those who want a service to reflect the deceased’s personality. One can do this by playing their favorite music or the reading of a beloved poem. Everyone deserves to be remembered in a dignified fashion.

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