The Value of Bridge Cranes for Manufacturing and Fabrication

Unlike large mobile cranes commonly used in the outdoor construction business, workstation or bridge cranes are found indoors and provide a wide range of benefits to businesses today. In fact, because of their versatility, they can serve more purposes than standard lifting hoists. Here is a look at some of the more common types of workstation crane applications you may find in use today.


These types of cranes are mounted below support beams and they can be either single or double girder types. In addition, you can choose between motorized or manual operation depending on the kinds of loads you handle. Here are some of your choices you will find:

Underhung Single Girder with Motorized Operation

Allows for heavy loads and this method is much faster than manually operated cranes. However, speed control is not exact, because they may move some after stopping the mechanism.

Manual (Push-Pull) Underhung Single Girder

This is one of the most cost effective solution to lifting needs. Yet, it is time consuming. Manual bridge cranes are less likely to break down because there are no motorized moving parts. In fact, they are very dependable and will provide many years of trusted service. You will enjoy these benefits:

  • Excellent speed control
  • Easy to use
  • Can handle spans as far as 45 feet

There are a couple of downsides with manual push pull overhead cranes. For example, you are limited on lifting height and some manufacturers recommend no more than fifteen feet. However, these limitations can be overcome when you choose enclosed rail bridge cranes.

You can also choose a chain drive manual crane. Loads are moved about by pulling on chain mounted on a drive mechanism. Although this type of movement is slower than pushing or pulling it is a more precise process and load moving is easier.

Top Running Bridge Cranes

Unlike underhung models, top running overhead cranes mount above support beams. They can be manual or motorized operation and they may be used to lift very heavy loads. You can choose from single or double girder with a higher lifting capacity than single girder types.

A top running crane gives you greater lifting height than underhung models. This is a big consideration for buildings with limited ceiling heights.

Many Choices

There are a lot of things to consider before buying bridge cranes. This is why many companies go with experienced providers who can service what they sell and offer retrofitting and remanufacturing.

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