The Three Most Practical Types of Liners for a Chimney Liner Installation in Issaquah, WA

A Chimney Liner Installation in Issaquah WA, can salvage a chimney that is within months or a year of needing to be completely reassembled. A liner can be added for a chimney that never had one or is being used for another purpose entirely, like the installation of a new furnace. The liner keeps the chimney construction intact, and it is not something to easily pass on. But, there is actually a variety of liner types. The flue liners can come in clay, metal, or cement. Each is used for disparate situation, as detailed below.

*     Clay: Clay is the classic option. It is the oldest and the cheapest. Clay was first dominantly used because it does not retain heat and is almost invulnerable to ash and heat damage that can occur with other materials. That alone has made clay the main option for chimney installs, but it has a few drawbacks. For one, the traditional shape of clay leaves grooves in the flue. This can capture heat and debris that will accumulate over time. The debris accumulation is mild, and at worst it causes a bit of a backdraft.

*     Concrete: concrete is not typically used as a foundation for a chimney. In other words, concrete is usually used in addition to another type of Chimney Liner Installation in Issaquah WA. The team may use concrete to help pad out pre-existing clay, but it is also possible to build a concrete flue and liner from the ground-up. Concrete is just as resilient to heat as clay.

*     Metal: Metal is intriguing because there are at least 15 different types that can be used with varying results. Stainless steel is the most common. Metal is beneficial because of the ease of installation and the cost. The metal is not nearly as resistant to corrosion, which is obviously a problem for long-term care of the chimney flue. Metal needs to be further protected with jackets and extra wraps. In short, it is the budget-conscious homeowner’s option.

Click Here for more on receiving a Chimney Liner Installation in Issaquah WA. The various grades of liner deliver different experiences and fulfill different needs. While clay is the traditional option, concrete and metal have their own benefits.

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