The Process of Window Installation in Naperville, IL

The Process of Window Installation in Naperville, IL

Windows are one of the trickiest components to replace in the home. Because the window is an operational barrier, it has to be installed correctly to ensure that it is air and water tight. This process consists of several different steps. Each step takes precision to ensure that it is properly placed.

The first step in a window installation in Naperville IL is to remove the old window. The trim is removed first and then the frame. If the frame is also being replaced, the old frame will also be removed. Since the glass in the window is very fragile, the window has to be pried out of its frame very carefully, so it doesn’t break. If the window is to be recycled, extra precautions may have to be taken. Breaking the glass to remove the window is not recommended. However, some breakage may not be avoidable in some situations.

Once the window has been removed, the new window can be put into the opening. Depending on the size and weight of the window, several individuals will be needed to keep it in place. Very large windows such as bay windows will require extra help with holding it into place. It is not always possible to get a precisely tight fit. Shims are used to help ensure that the window is aligned and will fit properly into the opening.

After the window is put into place, the next step in the window installation in Naperville IL process is to secure the window. The window is nailed into the frame. If the frame is a part of the installation, the nails are placed in the frame to help secure it to the house. A layer of sealant is applied to help keep the water and the air out of the home. Once the sealant is added, the trim can be restored.

Once the trim is back into place, installation is complete. Visit Exterior Designers Inc to view different types of replacements for your windows. While the installation is a multiple step process, improving the energy efficiency and the look of the home with new windows is an easy decision to make.

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