The Pests That Are Termites

The Pests That Are Termites

Having any kind of insect in the house can make any person uneasy, especially when those insects can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the home they’ve invaded. Termites may be small insects, but they can cause large amounts of structural damage. Getting more acquainted with information about these bugs and the key signs of an invasion can help neutralize an infestation of Termites in Baltimore MD.

An Introduction

Termites are a fourth of an inch to a half of an inch long bugs that can fly and feed on of cellulose-based plant materials. Unfortunately for modern living, most residential homes are made of these materials and can unintentionally attract infestations. Termites are referred to as “silent destroyers” as they can remain unseen slipping into the cracks or gaps around pipes, wires, and other structural elements and begin to thrive in a household. There are three types of termites in Baltimore MD to pay attention to: subterranean, damp wood, and drywood. Each of these termites prefers a slightly different degree of moisture, which broadens their range over the house, and can make the invasion a quicker task.


Often times, termite cases are not discovered until the infestation is fully developed. The peskiest thing about these situations is that devastation these creatures cause in a home can appear similar to that of water damage. Invasions can give off the misleading scent of mildew or mold. The warping of your walls and ceilings can look deceiving, but signs of frass, or termite droppings, and separated wings can point you in the culprit’s direction. Keeping an eye on the maintenance of the external features of the house such as repairing any leaking faucets, pipes, and gutters, checking wooden structures like porches or decks for damages, keeping vents clear, and their screens clean, and the diversion of water and debris in the yard can be worthwhile preventative tactics.

A termite infiltration is stressful, but pest control companies offer free inspections to those who are worried and resolutions to those who are struggling. For more information on termite elimination and other pest control services, browse our website.

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