The Numerous Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna

The Numerous Health Benefits of a Dry Sauna

A sauna is essentially a room that is kept at a high temperature that has been designed to help promote good health in those who use them. Saunas may use various options to create heat, such as electric heaters, wood stoves, and infrared heaters. The room of the sauna is sealed so the heat stays within the space. With a dry sauna, the temperatures can reach around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than a typical steam sauna.

If you are wondering how a sauna can have health benefits, we’re here to explain that. Everything from your flexibility to your circulation can benefit from visiting a dry sauna in Manville on occasion.

Improved Circulation

When you are in the high heat of a sauna, that can increase your heart rate. Having a higher heart rate will speed up the circulation of blood through your body. People who have problems with poor circulation can benefit from this as blood will move more easily to your feet, legs, hands, and arms. You may find that your pulse rate increases by up to 30% in a sauna, which is nearly twice the normal blood flow.

Increased Metabolism

If you are looking for a way to supplement other weight loss options, a dry sauna can help. While you are in the sauna, your metabolism is boosted. That means you are burning more fat which can lead to additional weight loss. However, you do need to realize that some of the weight loss is a result of sweating, so you need to keep hydrated.

Boosted Flexibility

When you visit a dry sauna in Manville, you may find that you experience less stiffness of your joints. The combination of better flexibility and increased use of blood vessels can make you feel invigorated. You will also find that it can assist in relieving your sore muscles.

Release of Toxins

With the amount of sweating that happens in a sauna, your pores open and toxins may be able to leave your body more quickly. While there is little research available on this, it is a perk when combined with other health benefits associated with using a sauna on a regular basis.

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