The Newest Technology in Trenchless Sewers is Saving Customers Money

Cities all across the United States have one major thing in common: aging sewer lines. Most major cities were constructed more than 100 years ago, and the aging sewer lines need to repaired or replaced. The problem it poses is how to do this without disturbing the surrounding infrastructure? New technology using a trenchless sewer has proven to be the answer to keeping buildings intact and the surrounding landscape from being dug up. Plumbing companies are quickly adopting this method of choice for commercial and residential repairs or replacement.A trenchless sewer repair is more environmentally friendly and requires less invasive measures to replace or fix an existing sewer line. There are two methods of replacing old sewer lines, with pipe relining is taking the existing line and filling it with an epoxy resin environmentally approved. Once the resin is in, a balloon called a bladder is fed into the line and expanded delivering pressurized steam to cure the resin. The result is a seamless air and water tight seal that makes the existing sewer line function like new. The other method is pipe bursting when the existing line is too damaged or worn out to be repurposed. A tool called a bursting head is sent down a small access point at one end and, with the help of a hydraulic pump, breaks the existing sewer line up. Through this point, a seamless high-density polyethylene pipe is put in place. Using these smaller access points, the replacement or repair of sewer lines leaves the landscape above them virtually undisturbed. These new methods of sewer line replacement are more cost efficient because there is less heavy equipment needed to run these lines and replacing a line does not shut down the use of city streets or businesses. Longer stretches of sewer lines needing to be repaired or replaced benefits from this method because it avoids tearing apart buildings to access the lines that run underneath them, avoiding the additional costs to repair. Businesses and residents needing to replace or repair sewer lines can visit website to discover how they can fix a customer’s plumbing problem. Offering fast, reliable service, they will fix everything from a drain clog to repairing sewer lines. No job is too big or too small, and they offer 24-hour emergency service. They are licensed, bonded and insured, and will give customers flat rate pricing on all work needing to be performed.

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