The Moving Company in Naples Will Make Your Move a Smooth Move

by | Sep 6, 2014 | Moving

Moving can be a stressful time in your life. However, moving can be managed with much less stress when you hire professional movers who will prep you for the moving process. A representative of the moving company will meet with you in your home or apartment to discuss your move and recommend ways to minimize the stress.

One recommendation will be the type and size of boxes you will need. Wardrobe boxes can save some by hanging your clothes on a rack and keeping them neat and wrinkle free. Special boxes for dishes and glassware are necessary to protect these items during transit. Antiques require special handling and packing, and antique furniture will be identified as requiring special wrapping and handling by the movers. Each box should be identified with its location in the new home. This advance preparation will take a lot of stress out of moving.

You can hire Moving Company Naples to pack your possessions, or you can pack them. If you pack them, these are cautionary steps to take: keep boxes to less than 50 lbs, affix a label to each box with its location in the mew home, don’t use cheap packing materials. Use wadded up newspaper to provide a cushion in the box, and never pack flammable fluids, paint, firearms or chemicals.

Each family member needs a box in which they can pack personal items which will be needed immediately upon arrival at the new home. These boxes can be taken to the new home in a car, which provides quick access to them.

If you have a large wine collection, it can be moved in climate-controlled vehicles. The movers can take care of this special packing for you in uniquely designed wine-packing boxes. You can pack the wine for transport in your vehicle and purchase dry ice for climate control. The dry ice should be handled with care and should not touch the wine bottles.

A professional Moving Company Naples will have exceptionally clean vans and plenty of pads to safely back your furniture in a clean van. The company will wrap precious items properly and antique furniture will be wrapped with either padding or shrink wrap. A Smooth Move Moving & Storage, for example, will get your possessions to your destination safely.

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