The Most Common Bugs That Can Be Eliminated With Professional Pest Control In The Bronx

The Most Common Bugs That Can Be Eliminated With Professional Pest Control In The Bronx

The presence of bugs strikes fear in the heart of homeowners, and an infestation can make a home uncomfortable and dangerous if not addressed as soon as possible. While commercially available products can help with pests, the only way to ensure they are gone for good is to utilize a company that provides Pest Control in the Bronx, as they will have the products and knowledge to eliminate an infestation in no time. Don’t let bugs run a home when a pest control company can get rid of the following pests once and for all.


While most ants are harmless, they are usually attracted to food and can invade a pantry quickly, leaving any food unsafe to eat. In addition to treating a current infestation, a pest control company can utilize chemicals to prevent them from coming back and keep a kitchen free of ants. Fire ants, which aren’t as common, can be extremely dangerous by causing painful bites and should be eradicated as quickly as possible.


Many homeowners cringe at the idea of a roach infestation, and once they invade a home, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them. In addition to being unpleasant to see, their waste can also contain harmful bacteria that can lead to illness. Effective Pest Control in the Bronx will get rid of the roaches once and for all, and many companies use a bait and preventative spray that can keep them from coming back.


Spiders can be terrifying, and while the majority of them are harmless, there are some that are poisonous and can cause severe illness if they bite. Though they are terrifying, they are one of the easiest pests to get rid of, and a perimeter spray will prevent them from re-entering a home and ensure any children and pets are safe.

No one has to live with a bug infestation. Contact Metro Pest Control Inc. and learn more about the methods they use to stop bugs in their tracks. They offer a variety of treatment options and can help make a home safe and more comfortable for everyone.

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