The Liquor Store For Those With A Finer Palate

Let’s face it, when most people think “Liquor Store,” they think “booze n’ beer.” But a good liquor retailer is about a lot more than just selling cheap hooch. And anyone who has actually frequented such places knows the truth of this.

Sure, it’s possible to buy wine just about anywhere, at any grocery store. But those with a finer palate look for a wider range of choices than what can be found on the shelves at the local grocers or big box superstore. Those with a more discriminating taste seek out the outlets where they can obtain their favorite Merlot or a good Pinot Noir. They search for that dealer who carries just the right white wine for pheasant. And it’s not boozing most customers are looking for, but the deep amber and rich nose of a fine brandy, or the subtlety of a good twelve-year-old scotch. They seek out genuine Kentucky bourbon aged in one-hundred-year-old casks to produce the smoothest flavor anyone has ever been lucky enough to experience first-hand.

A top-flight liquor retailer works to fulfill the needs of every individual customer who comes through the door. They know that every person’s taste is unique, that no two customers are going to have the exact same preference for wine or a liqueur. As a result, not only will such a full-service retailer maintain a wide selection but also is prepared to help that customer find the particular item he’s got his heart set on.

Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. carries a large and varied selection of sommelier wines from around the world and from the vintners of Long Island in the state of New York. For any taste, they have the perfect wine for the perfect occasion. The same care taken in the choice of wines to carry also applies to their selection of fine liqueurs from every major distiller, in a wide variety of blends. And like any quality Liquor Store, they are happy to fill out special orders for customers at any time. They also have selections for every price range to accommodate customers who can only afford the basics as well as those with the cash for the top high-priced brands. Drop in on them any day of the week and they will be happy to help you find just what you want.

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