The Levels Of Preventative Dentistry

The Levels Of Preventative Dentistry

There are actually three levels of preventative dentistry; primary, secondary and tertiary. The objective of preventative dentistry is to prevent tooth decay, prevent gum disease and ensure the maintenance of the proper chewing process. The goals of a dentist in Chicago Illinois are usually met through the rigid adoption of good oral hygiene and tooth maintenance.

The best and by far the most common examples of primary preventative dentistry are brushing, flossing and the use of a medicated mouthwash. Certainly tooth brushing is not something new, the practice has been going on around the world since time immemorial. In the west of course people use a tooth brush but there are still many less advanced areas where people practice dental hygiene but they do it with a frayed twig. Of course those in the west may see this practice as very rudimentary but it removes debris and plaque as well as any tooth brush. When used in conjunction with flossing, brushing effectively reduces the buildup of plaque and bacteria in the mouth are greatly reduced.

Another effective means used in primary preventative dental care is fluoridation of the municipal water supply. Many municipalities have seen the benefits of adding very small amounts of fluoride in the water. There have been many tests conducted and studies made on the subject of water fluoridation, the results are overwhelmingly in favor of the practice. Fluorine in the water supply can reduce the incident of tooth decay by an astonishing 40 percent. This practice began in earnest in the US shortly after the end of the Second World War, today it is common in most developed parts of the world.

Tooth cleaning, flossing and regular visits to the dentist in Chicago Illinois are important for good dental care and dental health. It is recommended that people see their dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and check up. A professional cleaning is far better than the best cleaning that could be accomplished at home regardless of how dedicated the individual is. When you have your teeth cleaned professionally the hygienist can remove all traces of plaque and tartar and the dentist can thoroughly inspect your teeth for any current or potential problems.

Secondary preventative tooth care includes such treatments as the repair of cavities, undertaking root canals, installing caps and total tooth restoration. One of the most common secondary preventative measures is the removal of wisdom teeth which will eliminate long term problems. All secondary care is aimed at the prevention of additional problems which often include gum disease and infections. Tertiary dental care includes things such as denture and bridge repair and replacement.

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