The Issue of Roof Repair in Bellevue WA When a Home Is Listed for Sale

The Issue of Roof Repair in Bellevue WA When a Home Is Listed for Sale

When a home inspection before a real estate sale finds the need for Roof Repair in Bellevue WA, decisions must be made. There are different ways that this problem can be managed. The current owner of the house and the prospective buyer will also want to be sure that full replacement is not necessary. One leak is often followed by others when the roof is many years old.

Ways to Handle the Problem

The prospective buyer can request that the seller arrange and pay for repair work to be done by a contractor such as North Creek Roofing. The seller can refuse and have the listing of the house changed to “as is” with the home inspection results regarding the roof included. The seller also can make a counter-offer with a lower price to the people currently interested in the house. This might be best when the sellers are moving to another region and don’t want to deal with the hassle of roof repair beforehand.

A General Rule of Thumb

When buyers make repair requests after home inspections, a general rule of thumb is for sellers to comply if other buyers would likely make the same requests. Roof Repair in Bellevue WA is in that category because it’s part of the essential structure of the home. In contrast, the seller may not feel compelled to do something about a crack in the patio.

Disclosure of Important Flaws

The sellers may know even before an inspection that repair work is needed for the roof, although they may not be sure of the extent of the problem. They may be able to provide the date of the most recent roof installation if that differs from the date of the home’s construction. If someone else owned the house at the time, the current owners still may know which contractor completed the work.

A seller is never required to have repairs or upgrades done, although disclosure of important flaws must be made. If the house is being sold as a fixer-upper or a place that needs tender loving care, that should be noted in the listing details.

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