The Importance of Prompt Water and Sewage Clean-Up

The Importance of Prompt Water and Sewage Clean-Up

There are a variety of incidents that could result in extensive water or sewage spills in a home, but floods are by far the most common. Regardless of the cause, extensive water or sewage clean-up ought to be handled by professionals who have substantial knowledge, skills and experience in providing the service. The reason why professionals ought to be involved is that if the clean-up and drying is not done properly, it can have serious consequences.

Effects of Water and Sewage Spillage

When a lot of water gets into a home, it will immediately begin to weaken the structure itself, and this could lead to cave-ins if the water is not evacuated soon enough. Even if the walls do not cave in, the damage done by the water could make it necessary for the affected parts to be torn down and replaced. In fact, restoration industry guidelines state that if water is not cleaned up within three days, then the affected parts will have to be “ripped out.”

When it comes to the damage posed by sewage, the risks are much the same as that of water, with the addition of serious health risks. The exact extent of this risk is dependent on whether the sewage is treated or untreated. Generally, people exposed to sewage spills for significant periods will be at risk of bacterial, viral and protozoan infections, among others.

What to Do in the Event of Water or Sewage Spillage

In the event of an incident that results in water or sewage spillage on your property, the first course of action should be to get in contact with qualified and experienced water and sewage clean-up specialists. Meanwhile, take every step possible to limit the spread of the water or sewage.

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