The Ideal Taekwondo Martial Arts Shoes for Taekwondo Students

Ever since Taekwondo spread from South Korea, it has become quite popular for Westerners to enjoy as a great workout. Given the increase in popularity for Taekwondo, many Westerners have been unsure about the proper dress. Taekwondo instructors usually provide uniforms for their students; however, what is considered to be the proper footwear is a mystery to many. To learn more about what the proper Taekwondo martial arts shoes are, continue reading below.

What to Look for in the Proper Taekwondo Shoe

Ideally, Taekwondo martial arts shoes should not have laces. This is important given the nature of the Taekwondo sport. If the shoes had laces, they could cause accidents that could lead to sprained ankles or even broken bones. When shopping for your ideal Taekwondo shoe, be sure that there is an elastic in the center of the shoe that covers any laces or Velcro sections. This will ensure your ultimate safety while fighting.

When selecting a Taekwondo shoe, be sure that there is a small and narrow sole. The reason for this is that Taekwondo was historically practiced barefoot. In the modern era, this has greatly changed. That being said, the movements need to be practiced on a surface that is as close to the original way as possible. By purchasing a Taekwondo shoe that is as flat as possible, you will see the ultimate results in your fighting form while simultaneously having the proper support that your feet and legs need.

Pertaining to fit, your ideal Taekwondo shoe must have roughly half of a finger in length from the end of the shoe. Additionally, the shoe should feel tight around your foot and ankle. It is usually best to try walking a little bit to ensure that the shoe fits properly. If you feel that the shoe is loose in the heel, try a half size down. If the shoe is loose while you are walking, it will likely fly off while you are fighting.

Where to Find the Ideal Taekwondo Shoe

When looking for your prospective Taekwondo shoe, it is best to purchase your shoe online; however, it would be wise to visit a retailer first in order to verify your exact size and the fit of the shoe. If you do this, you will be getting the best fit possible for the most economic price on the market.

Finding the ideal Taekwondo shoe is a very easy process if you conduct your own proper research. Check online feedback about different Taekwondo shoe companies, and speak to your fellow students and instructors from your Taekwondo school. With this proper guidance, you will be able to find a viable Taekwondo shoe that will last you a substantial amount of time while simultaneously giving you the proper support you need while learning to fight.

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