The Fight Against Bedbugs in Marlboro, NJ: No End in Sight

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Pest Control

Virtually everyone agree it would be amazing to live in a world without bedbugs. After all, they are nasty little creatures that can take over your home in a matter of days. Every naturalist on the internet seems to have a solution to the problem, yet thousands of homes are invaded by bed bugs on a daily basis. If you have Bed Bugs in Marlboro NJ, Freehold Pest Control confirms that you are not alone. Hundreds of people are fighting bed bugs a daily basis and every battle must be fought in a unique way, depending on the circumstances.

An advantage to bedbugs is that, unlike most bugs, they do not transmit diseases to humans. They are an uncomfortable bed partner, and can lead to other issues as their population grows. To make matters worse, there is not a current medical treatment for the horrible itch that accompanies a bed bug bite. While science has ruled them out as a medical problem, they are definitely in the realm of a pest control problem.

As their population grows into an infestation, they can begin to cause allergy issues and respiratory problems in those who are predisposed to developing them. Most people who have Bed Bugs in Marlboro NJ are not aware that they have a problem until it develops into an infestation. Just because you do not notice that bedbugs are present does not mean they are not there. It is still a good idea to add it to your pest control service.

If you do notice you have bedbug activity, it is not necessary to bag everything you own up and place it on the curb. There are a lot of things your pest control service can do to reduce the population and eliminate the problem over time. There is currently no chemical available that will instantly kill all of the bedbugs in your home. Because of this, it is important to check for bed bugs on a regular basis to prevent the possibility of an infestation.

If you have anyone in the home with chemical allergies or who have asthma, make sure to let your pest control management company know. They will use products that are less harsh and cause fewer respiratory side effects for people who have these issues. Pest control is meant to ensure your family’s safety. Therefore, the method of pest control should be just as safe.

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