The Elements of Landscape Design in Waukesha, WI

When it comes to Landscape Design in Waukesha WI, certain principles should always be followed. Many assume professional designers have access to tools and resources the average person doesn’t, yet this isn’t true. With these principles, anyone can have a beautiful yard in no time at all.

Make sure the various elements are proportional to each other. Small gardens won’t benefit from a large statue. Large yards, however, need large pieces so they don’t look out of place.

Unity is of great importance when designing your landscape. Often referred to as repetition and consistency, unity ensure all elements come together to form one pleasing picture. Use similar elements throughout the yard for great results.

Simplicity is of importance also. You will find it easier to add over time than to take away. Choose two colors to start with and use them repeatedly, adding only a few decorative pieces, for excellent results.

Make sure the yard is balanced. With symmetrical balance, the yard is divided into two equal parts and matching elements are used in each part. If you prefer asymmetrical balance, pick certain elements to be used consistently and others which will differ. For example, use different shapes for your flower beds, but use similar colored plants and flowers in the beds.

Pay attention to lines in your overall landscape design. Curvy lines offers a gentle, natural effect, Straight lines, in contrast, tend to be direct and forceful. You may find you want to use both in your yard, but be careful when doing so and follow the other principles.

Make sure transitions between various parts of the design are smooth. You don’t want to make dramatic shifts between plant heights or flower colors, Use this principle when you are trying to create the illusion of a larger yard and you’ll see just how important this principle is.

Repeat various elements in your yard. Although you do want variety, you need repetition also. For example, you may choose a theme and use random pieces throughout the yard, but make sure to repeat a few of these objects to add to the overall appeal.

Color is the final element of Landscape Design. Color adds interest so make sure to use some. Mix cool and bright colors, along with neutral colors to add depth. Incorporate all elements and you’ll have an amazing yard, one others will envy.

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