The Cost of Home Movers in Chicago

When the time comes to move, your first concern may be the cost of hiring Home Movers in Chicago. Of course, you have the option of moving your own stuff, unless you are moving overseas. In that situation, professionals will be needed.

As you go to determine which option is right for you, remember to factor in the amount of time it will take you to pack your items, load them in the truck, transport them from one place to another, and unload. Then you still must unpack. Most quickly come to the realization it is less expensive to hire professionals. How do you go about determining a fair price as you compare different companies?

Moving companies typically charge by the hour if you are moving locally. The rate is based on the number of hours the movers spend working on your items, so you will pay less if you pack up your own household. Travel fees may also be charged for the trip to your home, the one you are leaving, and the movers return to their business. Be sure to ask about this when comparing companies.

Be aware that companies charge by the weight when you are moving long distance. Some do charge by the cubic foot, but this is less common. In addition, you may be charged an additional fee if you have a bulky item. For this reason, it’s best to obtain written estimates from a number of companies, estimates which details exactly what products and services will be included in the fee.

When you choose a company, be sure to have them provide a binding estimate. This helps to ensure the company doessn’t raise the price and hold your items at your new destination until you pay the higher price. If a company does this and you don’t have the needed funds, they may try to add storage charges. Windy City Movers is one of the professional moving company providing both residential and commercial moving service in Chicago. Click here to know more.

To get a rough estimate of your move, consider items in a studio apartment weigh approximately 1,800 pounds. Those in a one bedroom home will typically weight between 2,200 and 3,200 pounds, while weight for a two bedroom home often runs between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds. A three bedroom home may have 9,000 pounds and a four bedroom home 11,000 pounds or more. This is just a rough estimate. Speak to Home Movers in Chicago to determine exactly how much you will be asked to pay.

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