The Big Picture – Why Your Business Needs Web Developers and Designers

In NYC, web developers and web designers often work together in the same firms. Their fields of work are so closely related that many people think they are one and the same. In reality, there’s a significant difference in the work performed by web designers and web developers in NYC. This goes for professionals with the same titles throughout the rest of the world. Albeit, some developers are also trained to work as designers.

What Are the Differences?

Design and development are two key components of website building. Website design focuses primarily on the aesthetic value of the site and its pages. This might include the layout, the images, the videos, and various effects that take place on the screen. When you look at a website and think, “Wow. That looks neat,” you are usually seeing the handy work of the designer.

Web developers, on the other hand, are responsible for building the functionality of the website. They work primarily in scripting languages like HTML, Javascript, and PHP. In contrast, the designer works primarily in visual design programs like Photoshop.

The Unsung Heroes

The average visitor may not fully realize the work put into a website by a developer. Web developers in NYC are responsible for building hundreds of websites every day. It is the developer who makes those images, buttons, and words have a meaning and function. If something moves when you mouse over it, then it’s because a developer implemented that function via programming.

Which Does Your Business Need?

A website will never work with only one of these aspects. That’s why most companies that specialize in building websites will offer both services. The web designer will work to build a visually pleasing and unique website. The web developer will then give the various elements a function and a purpose.

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