The Best Asphalt Paving in Kalamazoo MI Offers the Full Package

If you have plans for a new parking lot, or have one that could benefit from professional attention, you will need the services of a team of asphalt professionals. If you are dealing with new construction, asphalt may not be your first choice, but once you look at what it has to offer, you may reconsider. First of all, asphalt will handle our severe winters and the resultant ground heave much better than concrete. The expansion and contraction will take their toll on both surfaces, but blacktop is much less costly to repair and those repairs will not be nearly as obvious. A blacktop surface isn’t as subject to damage from road salt and other anti-icing substances as concrete is, either; and, from a purely aesthetic point of view, auto and truck oil and hydraulic leaks don’t show up on blacktop the way they do on concrete. The last advantage asphalt has over concrete is that, even though it is a petroleum-based product, and its price will tend to fluctuate with the price of oil, it is almost invariably, less expensive to install than concrete.

When you’re searching for the Best Asphalt Paving in Kalamazoo MI, look for a team that can provide you with a full range of services and not just do the installation and move on. Your team should have the capabilities to perform asphalt installations, total reconstructions, removal and re-paves, or overlays, as well as regular professional maintenance as it is needed. Parking lot maintenance should include a number of services, including sealing, patching, pothole repair, crack-filling, sweeping, and striping. When it comes to sealing, be sure the team you hire does the job right; verify ahead of time how many coats of sealant they intend to use, what they will be adding to the sealant, and how each coat will be applied. These details can determine how often you require repair work, so don’t be shy about asking. You may also want to see if the group you are considering has the ability to do infrared patching, since it tends to yield a much better result than standard patches.

If finding the Best Asphalt Paving in Kalamazoo MI is your goal, keep in mind the professionals at Asphalt Solutions Plus. For construction, maintenance, and asphalt repair, they have the experience, the latest equipment, and the highly trained staff to get the job done right the first time.

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