The Benefits of Sales Force Integration

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Computers

There are numerous benefits to think about in integrating your sales force. This type of system is referred to as CRM, and it helps to organize data relating to sales for the company. It also offers tools for employees to use that are believed to help them boost their sales levels. It is possible to get everyone in sync and to offer an agenda across the board for all sales associates to follow.

Easy to Manage

Not knowing what the objectives make it hard to see the goals and to come up with a plan of action. Through sales force integration, everyone is on the same page. It is also easy to manage and to provide overall evaluations for sales associates based on a given checklist. This can be used to give them feedback on what they are doing well and where they need to make some additional improvements.

It is easy to tag leads, so your sales associates have some tracking tools they can use to gain those sales from interested people. Syncing two or more applications allows them to have access to the same data.


Converting the leads into sales is important, and so much easier to do with sales force integration in place. There are both filters and hooks in place that allow you to send data and to track performance in CRM. The forms are able to help with converting inbound marketing into sales. After all, leads don’t matter too much if you aren’t able to get a high percentage of those with an interest to actually buy what your business offers.

User Activity

It is important to be able to track user activity, and it is simple to do so with sales force integration. All users will be issued their own login credentials. This will track their history and movement throughout the system. Users can also be tracked in terms of potential customers, and this allows their data to be collected as a viable lead. Then your sales team can follow up with them.

Campaigns and Incentives

Keeping your sales team motivated is important so they will work hard to generate more sales for the business. You can do this through campaigns. This is a limited offer where something specific is being promoted to current customers and to potential customers. You can also offer incentives for the salespeople who do the best with the campaign. They can win prizes, money, or trips. The incentives depend on what you would like to offer, but make sure you make the prizes and the duration of the campaign known so all associates are in a position where they can be the winner.

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