The Benefits of Purchasing a Used or New Vehicle

There are lots of questions involved within the process of purchasing an automobile; however, the simplest, first one probably is the most critical: Should you buy used or new? To assist you in choosing, we have laid out the benefits of both below. Bear in mind that even though there are more benefits listed on the new part, the pros within the used section are big ones and in most instances may be more to your benefit.

Some of the advantages of buying a new vehicle include: made to order, it’s not used, warranty, latest gizmos, safety, higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions, financing, maintenance, and legwork.

Benefits of Purchasing Used


As you compare apples with apples, used vehicles will be cheaper. The relative benefit of a used car price also can permit the purchaser to step up to an improved model.


Automobiles will lose value with every passing mile and month; however, the steepest dip occurs immediately; some models may lose 40% or more of the value within their 1st year. With used vehicles, there isn’t any hit in depreciation the minute you go off of the lot. There also is fewer mental depreciation, there isn’t any need to be concerned with the first rock chip in its paint or parking lot ding because odds are the vehicle’s prior owner(s) already took care of these.

Rates of Insurance

As with financing, insurance costs are going to be impacted by the car’s age, however, in this instance the used car is usually cheaper. Some pre-purchase evaluation is going to save you from sticker shock on the insurance, no matter what car you pick.


Even though you obviously cannot custom-build a used vehicle, perhaps you want an option package, model, or wheel design which no longer is made. This broader selection at our Used Car Dealership in Bridgeton, NJ may add to the time of your search; however, satisfaction and perfection seldom come easily.

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