The Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Los Angeles

When it comes to the health and wellness of your muscles, joints, and soft tissues surrounding those areas, there are very few options for recovering from damage. Damage to these areas can be chronic, caused by repeated stress; or acute, caused by a sudden occurrence. Platelet rich plasma therapy can promote the healing of both bones and tissue.

There are multiple options for platelet rich plasma therapy in Los Angeles. The benefits of this treatment are extensive, and the therapy has been used in multiple areas such as sports injury recovery, orthodontics, and cosmetic treatments. The treatment was first used during open-heart surgery, further proving its benefits. Famous athletes such as Tiger Woods and NFL star Hines Ward have used this kind of therapy to heal their sports-related injuries.

How it Works

Platelet rich plasma therapy involves taking blood from the patient and infusing it with beneficial red blood cells. The blood is then run through a centrifuge system, separating healthy blood from less healthy blood before being pumped back into the patient’s body. It can be used for the medical treatment of arthritis, damaged nerves, and even hair growth. There have yet to be any negative side effects reported, other than standard and unrelated pain at the site of injection.

The Process

Since this therapy is noninvasive, there are no lasting side effects from having to undergo a surgery. As a regenerative medicine, it uses the strength and power of your own body to increase the speed of, and promote, healing. Receiving a platelet rich plasma therapy infusion should not take more than an hour in your doctor’s office. Your body is the best medicine that anyone can offer. Letting it heal itself instead of using chemicals or invasive methods has many benefits, especially including a quick recovery from the procedure itself.

This kind of treatment has been in use for decades, but the usages of the therapy have only just branched out to include such a wide array of purposes. Previously this treatment was only used during cosmetic or dental surgery before research discovered that allowing your body to heal itself could have more benefits than just during those activities.

Finding platelet rich plasma therapy means you could be on your way to recovery quickly, with just a quick stop in your health provider’s office. This treatment can be used in all areas of the body, including joints such as knees and elbows and the face, meaning it can be used to reduce wrinkles by regenerating the skin in your face. This treatment is one of the best methods possible to help create a healthier, happier you. You can be pain-free, combat hair loss, or reduce wrinkles quickly and easily using this treatment.

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