The Benefits of Harrisburg Custom Lifts for Your 4X4

Are you looking to upgrade the appearance of your vehicle? Would you like to improve the off-road performance of your 4X4? If so, the best way to achieve both goals at the same time is to make use of Harrisburg custom lifts. Lift kits are aftermarket accessories added to 4X4s to increase ground clearance, and may require the addition of gap guards, bumper brackets, new shocks, and more. Often, the accessories are combined in a kit to make them more convenient. Some kits lift the suspension, while others lift the body, and each has its advantages.

Suspension lifts typically come in kits, as a number of parts are needed to achieve this type of lift. Each component is matched and coordinated to the vehicle. When the suspension is lifted, ground clearance increases, and more so than will be seen with a body lift. If you choose a high quality kit, you’ll find ride quality isn’t impacted either. Although more expensive than body lifts, drivers find the off-road performance is better with a suspension lift.

Body lifts are perfect for those who don’t need as much ground clearance. The manufacturer combines all parts in a kit, so you don’t have any surprises when you go to do the installation. The steering geometry and suspension aren’t altered when this option is selected, and the ride isn’t affected. Choose this option if you are concerned about the factory warranty, as it remains in place as the drivetrain is not being modified. In addition, the cost of a body lift is less than that of a suspension lift.

Either type of lift kit will offer a boost in performance if you like to go off road. Along with observing an increase in ground clearance, you’ll also find the wheel well clearance increases, allowing you to switch to bigger tires if you wish to. Larger tires offer their own benefits, increasing grip and providing you with the opportunity to take on larger objects. There will be more clearance between the axles and handling improves.

Visit Blue Knob Auto Sales to learn more about Harrisburg custom lifts. With the addition of this accessory kit, you’ll find you can do more with your 4X4. Furthermore, the appearance of your vehicle improves, so you win in every way.

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