The Benefits Of A Metal Roof For Residential Roofing In Cleburne TX

Residential metal roofs are becoming one of the most popular types of roofing materials used today. The benefits of a metal roof are numerous and below you’ll learn about some of these merits. If you decide to install a metal roof on your home, contact an experienced company that specializes in residential roofing in Cleburne TX.

Energy Efficient

When homeowners have a metal roof installed, they immediately see a decrease in their utility bills. A metal roof blocks the sun’s rays from penetrating the roof and heating up a house in the summer. When the inside temperature of a house is cooler, the air conditioner won’t have to run as long, and this decreases the utility bill.

Long Lasting

While a typical roof with asphalt shingles will last from 10 to 15 years, a metal roof has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. With roof replacements few and far between, you’ll get your money’s worth when you have a metal roof installed on your house. A metal roof will not succumb to insect damage, rot or weathering. Since this type of roof is resistant to most all kinds of damage, it has the ability to last for many years.

Weather Resistant

Another reason why metal roofs last so long is because they’re seldom damaged by weather related issues. Metal roofs are unfazed by strong winds, so you won’t have to worry about the roof blowing off during a big gust. Rain is unable to penetrate a metal roof, so you’ll never have to worry about leaks. Hail damage to a metal roof is rare, and snow quickly slides off the sides of this type of roof.

Affordable Installation

A metal roof can be installed over a shingled roof, so you won’t have the costs associated with tearing off the old shingles. Installation is quick for experienced contractors who specialize in Residential Roofing in Cleburne TX, so you’ll save money on labor and installation costs.

Texas Energy Savers is an experienced factory direct company that specializes in commercial, residential and mobile home metal roofing services. Click here to view their roofing photo gallery and to contact the company for a free estimate for your next roofing job.

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