The Basics of Moving Services in Nashville

The Basics of Moving Services in Nashville

Some people may be unaware of the complexity of moving. It typically involves more than just moving some furniture, a television and a bed. An inventory needs to be taken and many household goods need to wrapped, protected and prepared for the move. It is always a challenge whether the move is across town or across the country. There are three major categories of moving services. Nashville is one city where moving companies provide some or all of these services.

Local Moves
Local moving services are those where the move is a certain radius of miles within which a moving company has the permit to operate. The permit can vary from mover to mover so the radius could be larger for one mover than another. If a local move is planned, then it is preferable to contact a local mover as the mover may offer better prices than a national mover.

Another factor that can influence the cost of a move is whether full or partial packing and unpacking will be needed. Movers offer many other services such as crating and specialty packing and even short-term and long-term storage and these can be selected based on need.

Long Distance Moves
Long distance moving services are those where the move is over one hundred miles from the point of origin. For this type of service, it is best to get an in-house estimate to arrive at a more accurate quote. This is where a representative from the company comes to the home, free of charge, and takes an inventory of all the items to be moved. It also provides an excellent opportunity for customers to ask any questions they may have about the move, particularly if the move is across the country.

Commercial Relocation
This move is one that serves the business community, whether it is a small two-person office or a large corporation, and is considered by movers to be a commercial move. More man power and specific packing and equipment are usually required for a commercial move.

In addition, a consultant is usually assigned who does the entire planning and project management for the move and acts as a single point of contact. Commercial relocation is typically more complicated than residential moves and is handled by the most skilled and highly-qualified moving companies.

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