The Bad & Good Consequences of Being an Injured Park Employee

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Law

When it comes to performing tasks while on the job, many of us are exposed to dangers that put our lives in jeopardy. Such life-threatening situations can turn out to be lethal. For example, 4,585 employees were killed while active at work during 2013, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Industries in which employees are more likely to experience related injuries or illnesses include law enforcement and construction. In fact, one in five employee deaths in 2013 were in construction. Although that is the second lowest total since the introduction of the fatal injury census in 1992, the number is still a prime example of why society needs to continually address the issue of work-related injuries/illnesses with better outcomes.

Family-friendly Places that are Death-dealing Hotspots

One of the types of locations where work-related injuries are very likely to occur is amusement parks that feature roller coasters. Although riding roller coasters and even operating them can be a very fun and thrilling experience, it can also be a very dangerous one if safety procedures are not followed by customers or employees.

For instance, a park employee at Six Flags Great Adventure of NJ fell to his death during a roller coaster test ride in August of 1981, according to Business Insider. It was believed that the park employee was in an unwarranted riding position and failed to make use of the safety feature of the restraining devices.

Who Can Injured or Ill Park Employees Turn to for Help?

The well-known Six Flags Great America, which is located in Gurnee, IL, is of no exception to being the site of similar work fatalities, in addition to non-fatal injuries. When non-fatal incidents arise, it takes courage to seek out the right kind of legal guidance that could result in being awarded payment to cover medical and hospital expenses. Rehabilitation and retraining may also be covered.

If Six Flags amusement park employees in that location do suffer work-related injuries/illnesses, it is crucial for them to find out if they can benefit from the assistance of workers’ compensation attorneys near Gurnee, for their unfortunate encounters. With the help of trustworthy and professional lawyers, park employees can effectively recover from their damages and regain good health by claiming essential funds processed through law firms. The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens can help!

At The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, P.C., which are conveniently located in IL, injured Six Flags amusement park employees of Gurnee can benefit from receiving adequate assistance from attorneys and win settlements for thousands of dollars regarding workers’ compensation. Legal advisors of this law firm have been fighting for the rights of injured workers for over 20 years; for more information go to

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