The Advantages Of Moving To Online Utility Billing Systems

Many utility companies are hesitant to give up the monthly billing routine of sending customer notifications through the mail. Some utilities may be concerned that older customers may not be internet savvy while others may assume it creates more of an impersonal form of billing.

In reality, moving to online utility billing systems that also allow customers to pay online or set up automated payment schedules are something that the vast majority of customers use anyway. Creating the duplicate hard copy bill is largely a waste of time, energy and effort in most locations across the US.

To take a closer look at the advantages of automated or online utility billing systems, consider the following issues from a business perspective.

Cost Saving in Waste Reduction and Automation

With online billing, everything is automatic, and the bill is generated from the latest data received by the meters. There are no delays, no lags in readings and billing and no issues with bills going out late due to a mistake by an employee.

Without the need for printer ink, paper, envelopes, and postage, it is possible to not only eliminate waste but to actually shave thousands of dollars off the cost of billing every year. Keep in mind that for many customers the reduction in waste is a positive step forward for your company in “going green.”

Easier for Customers

Online utility billing systems are also easier for customers. It is possible to access the bill anytime with a simple and secure login. This allows the customer to see the amount of the bill and to make a payment online.

There is no need to have stamps on hand, write a check or to take the envelope to the mailbox. There is also the option to set up an automatic payment, eliminating any risk of a late payment.

For both the utility and the customer, there will be less time spent in addressing billing questions. The customer can assess usage graphs and billing details without the need to call the utility company.

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