The Advantages Of Installing A Modern Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Reducing home heating costs is one factor influencing the installation of gas fireplaces across North America. While many models of such fireplaces exist, Americans tend to favor the modern direct vent gas fireplace. They have achieved this position as the result of a number of built-in advantages.

Basic Advantages

Gas fireplaces have come a long way since their introduction. In the last 30 years, interest in their application continues to soar. Installing a modern version of the direct vent fireplace continues to provide its users with certain advantages. They:

  • Are the most efficiently vented types of gas fireplaces on the market today – estimates give them an energy efficiency rating of between 75 to 80 percent
  • Are able to sit anywhere in a room – this includes between the walls of 2 rooms heating both without preventing enjoyment of the flames for both sides
  • Can be placed in the room of your choice – going beyond the standard living or common rooms and including bedrooms and even bathrooms
  • Are versatile due to the style of venting i.e. vertical or horizontal as the case may be
  • Have lower maintenance costs than other options have
  • Reduce the home heating bill
  • Are environmentally friendly reducing the homeowner’s carbon footprint effectively and efficiently
  • Come in diverse styles and models suitable to most aesthetics and preferences
  • Utilize a fire that is more realistic, closely resembling a wood-burning fire, complete with glow

Modern direct vent gas fireplaces also come in ceramic glass. This not only allows a clear view of the flames but also reduces the amount of heat the common tempered glass can collect.

Choosing a Modern Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Today’s model of gas fireplaces is a far cry from the original models. The latest models boast high energy-efficiency and stylish appearances. A modern direct vent gas fireplace offers effective, efficient and reliable heating options without sacrificing anything in the design department.

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