Taking on the Battle for Rightful Benefits

Taking on the Battle for Rightful Benefits

As a member of the military, you paid into programs that are reserved strictly for veterans. These programs are designed to provide economic relief for veterans who are sick and injured and cannot go back to work to earn an income.

However, gaining access to these benefits can be just as challenging as applying for and winning Social Security disability payments. Judges and administrators use the same level of caution when deciding who gets these benefits and who is not entitled to them at this time. When you hire a veterans benefits lawyer North Carolina applicants like you may prove your eligibility and win your case the first time you apply.

When you retain the services of a veterans benefits lawyer North Carolina vets like you gain an important ally in the fight to gain access to programs into which you have paid. Your attorney can file the necessary paperwork to get your case underway. All of your proof of identity, residency, and proof of service will be submitted to the judge along with your application.

Once the application is submitted, your attorney will then make sure you are given a prompt court date to appear before the judge. You also will have the lawyer by your side during your court appearance, which means you do not have to speak for yourself if you do not want. Your attorney can make the argument on your behalf and act as your intermediary.

The judge overseeing your case will probably ask for proof of your injury or illness before the court can decide if you are entitled to payments. Your lawyer can subpoena medical records, x-rays, and other proof of your disability. You can find out more about retaining a lawyer to represent you by going to VeteransBenefits.com today.

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