Take Back Your House: Ants Exterminator in Queens

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Pest Control

No one wants to share their home with unwanted visitors, especially those that are more commonly referred to as pests. Regardless of whether they have four legs, eight legs, or something in between having a home overrun with bugs or other critters is something that needs to be taken care of quickly. When bugs invade, it is time to call an Ants Exterminator in Queens to take back control.

Invading Army of Ants

While ants do not carry diseases as other pests do, they are usually not welcomed with open arms. Ants live in colonies so where there is one, there are usually hundreds. While ants do not carry bacteria on their bodies or spread disease, they may cause allergic reactions and bites of some ants can be very painful.

Battling a Bevy of Bedbugs

Just the thought of bedbugs can cause people to cringe in horror. Since bedbugs are not confined to beds they can be picked up during travels or even during brief visits with friends, it is important to call a pest control expert at the first sign of an infestation.

Wrangling Rabid Roaches

Rumors say that roaches will survive a nuclear holocaust, but they won’t survive an experienced ants exterminator company such as Metro Pest Control. Roaches can trigger asthma attacks and reactions in those who are allergic to certain proteins. They can also carry and spread salmonella and E Coli bacteria.

Roaches can reproduce rapidly and even live for up to three months without food. Eradicating them and sealing entries into the home can help keep them at bay.

Beating Buzzing Bees and Wasps

No one wants to share their home, yard, or garage with bees or wasps. It is extremely important to those who are allergic and suffer the risk of life-threatening reactions from even one sting. Bees and wasps are most likely to be seen during warmer summer months and may be drawn to backyard BBQ’s and picnics where the draw of surgery treats may be too much to resist. Eradicating nests and hives from property can help reduce the risk of bites and stings and keep yards safe for family activities.

When pests invade don’t wait, call an experienced pest and Ants Exterminator in Queens today.

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