Take Back the Skies with an Emergency Flight Nurse

For a disabled or chronically ill individual, flight can be a terrifying prospect. When you’re twenty thousand feet in the air there are a myriad of things that can happen and there is little to no help available. An emergency flight nurse, however, can render a much needed service and help you to take back the skies so that you can go on vacation, do your job, or travel for other personal reasons.

Understanding Emergency Flight Nurses

There are some limitations to using emergency flight nurses, the first being that you will need to fly in business or first class when you are on a commercial airline. This will give the nurse adequate space to do their job, and will give you the benefit of a reclining seat in the event you become seriously ill.

Travel nurses do much more than care for you on your flight; they are also able to work with the airline to:

  • Secure Medical Clearances
  • Coordinate Ground and Air Transportation
  • Arrange for Special Medical Equipment

Monitoring your Medical Status

Flight can be stressful, and an in-flight nurse will be charged with monitoring your health along with any changes in your status from the time your board the plane to the time you land. Remember: any treatment that is administered during the flight will adhere to instructions from your primary care physician.

Getting to your destination can be tricky if you have a medical condition but the right in flight nurses will be able to help make it a smooth ride. Make sure you have your transportation arranged and ready to go!

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