Swiss Machining Services: Better, Faster

At one point, Swiss machining services were perceived as specialty skills. Now, however, this multi-axis equipment performs alongside other more conventional CNC equipment. Whether CNC or automatic, the Swiss lathe or screw machines operate on similar principles. The only difference is the control mechanism.

High precision machine shops prefer CNC Swiss turning centers. Swiss machine systems are multi-axis. Machine shops can install machines with a capability of up to 10-axis. This facilitates high-end and speedy production of complex parts. In fact, shops can turn out parts without turned surfaces at all using Swiss machines. The versatility and capabilities of these multi-axis CNC operated and CAM programmed machines makes them attractive to shops wanting to produce components for several high-end and growing industrial concerns.

Applications for Swiss Machining Services

In the past, Swiss machines were the go-to machine for turning out long, slender parts. Today, they are the optimal choice for producing complex and precise components for the medical and aerospace industries. Whether working with metals, plastics, polymers, ceramics or composite material, CNC Swiss machines provide exact work. They are capable of providing the tighter tolerances medical instruments demand. Moreover, working with small components does not present a challenge.

CNC Swiss machines provide machine shops with certain advantages. They

  • Hold more tools
  • Can produce a surface finish that does not require such secondary work as grinding
  • Handles complex cuts simultaneously
  • Eliminates many secondary operations

With short setup times, Swiss machines provide shops with the chance to increase their market base.

Swiss Machining Services

Over the past decade, machine shops are increasingly installing Swiss machines. This is particularly true for those who seek to carve a position in the medical instruments and electronic markets. With such machines on site, they increase their ability to offer Swiss machining services to markets that demand smaller components with tighter tolerances. In fact, using Swiss multi-axis machinery allows them to produce better parts, faster.

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