Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kansas City – The Secret to A Healthy Pool

When most people picture their swimming pool, images of water slides, inflatable pool toys or relaxing with a drink in a floating chair, come to mind. But none of that is possible without giving attention to the most important aspect of owning a swimming pool -; Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kansas City. The correct mix of these products is what allows home owners to splash and float in crystal clear water.

Nearly all freshwater swimming pools require the same type of chemicals, just in varying amounts. Too much of a good thing can be as detrimental as too little. Having excess can cause eye irritation and not enough can allow bacteria to flourish. The types of chemicals used include the following:

*      Pool Shock or Super Chlorination -; These are considered the most important of the pool chemicals as they are powerful oxidizers typically used when opening a pool for the season.

*      Sanitizers -; There are several types of pool sanitizing chemicals with the most popular being chlorine and bromine. Chlorine is available in a liquid, tablet, granular, and stick form, and is effective and inexpensive. Bromine has been found be equally effective at maintaining clear water without any odor or eye irritation.

*      Balancing and Stabilizing Chemicals -; Many factors such as rainwater, sunlight, and sunscreen affect the pH and alkalinity levels in a swimming pool. Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs may suggest adding pH reducers or increasers to maintain the alkalinity and pH at the correct levels.

*      Algaecides -; Algae is a type of plant that lives in water and is a common enemy of all swimming pool owners. It is unsightly, clouds the water, and gunks up swimming pool filters. Algaecides are specific Swimming Pool Chemicals in Kansas City that destroy algae and prevent its regrowth.

Balancing a pool’s chemicals is both an art and a science, but fortunately one needn’t be a Picasso or a chemist to achieve perfect balance. There are kits that contain all the chemicals needed for opening or winterizing a pool and are pre-measured based on the pool size. By keeping the chemicals balanced, removing contaminants, and preventing algae in the pool, the home owner is guaranteed to have a healthy and safe swimming season. Visit the website for more information.

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