Surat realty markets keep shining

A 3 BHK flat for sale in Surat would earlier have seemed like an easily accessible proposition for an average buyer, if one trawled back in time to about ten years ago or whereabouts. However, today, the very same 3 BHK flat for sale in Surat is a mega purchase in the very best locations at prices that were unimaginable earlier. These days, getting a good 2 or 3 BHK flat in one’s desired location is pretty tough owing to the rush of bookings and the huge demand for the same in the city. Surat is now witnessing even higher demand than before, something that has pleased market experts and developers alike. Surat is witnessing a mad rush for booking apartments and with the festive season about to commence, this should go up even more! More and more people are standing in the queue to snap up apartments at premium projects in their preferred locations. Supply volumes are quite close to overall demand but there is still a long waiting list in most cases. Surat realty is still shining and industry experts forecast the continuation of the same for a long time. The average buyer income and profile have both changed and availability of employment, better safety and security, greater business opportunities, growing commercial and economic prosperity and progress and a multitude of government projects are key reasons for this growth.

Buying a 3 BHK flat in Surat will be a tad costlier than before but again, this is a healthier sign of the market. Most apartments in Surat are still cheaper than their counterparts in Delhi or Mumbai and come with all necessary facilities and amenities as sought by contemporary buyers. Surat is also witnessing a spurt in demand following projects like the Navsari-Surat twin city project and several other infrastructural developments including newly created roads and flyovers. Growth in real estate has been almost 100% in Surat over the last few years according to market experts. Income of average buyers has also increased and more nuclear families have translated into higher demand for quality homes.

Mass transport infrastructure has also been developed in Surat and several planned developments have also changed the profile of the city in recent times. The total area of the city should also go up in the near future and this will present more opportunities for developers to house the increasing population and meet skyrocketing demand.

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