Superior Commercial Roofing in Burleson, TX Can Save Energy and Reduce Roofing Failures

The roof of a building is designed to keep out the elements. However, its effectiveness is based on both the design and the materials that cover the roof. For instance, Commercial Roofing in Burleson TX comes in several types including low-sloped or so-called flat roofing and pitched roofs, sometimes known as a gabled roof. Typical coverings for commercial applications include asphalt based BUR (built-up roofing), polymer membranes such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), or metals like copper and steel.

Each of these roofing options has both pros and cons. Take the BUR method as an example. BUR is a budget-friendly roofing solution because it uses low-cost asphalt as a moisture barrier. Unfortunately, BUR is easily damaged and often requires frequent repairs. This actually increases the long-term expense of BUR roofing and lowers its value. PVC and TPO roofs are great alternatives for low-sloped roofing, but they require special skills to install them properly and the use of robotic welders to ensure that long seams do not develop leaks. This increases the cost of installation and may create a need for additional repairs. Plus, these types of membranes tend to work better on large roofs such as warehouses.

Perhaps the best option for commercial roofing in Burleson TX is metal. Copper provides a long-lasting roof that ages beautifully. Of course, opting for copper will require a substantial investment because the metal is a bit pricey, and the installers need to be trained in proper installation procedures. The main reason to consider copper is decorative functions such as for fascia or awnings. Mixing copper and steel roofing can provide a gorgeous roof that is also extremely durable.

Why steel? Steel is one of the strongest metals used for roofing, and it is not just because of the thickness or gauge of the metal. Steel roofing uses strengthening processes such as standing seams or box seams. That is, the roofing is custom fabricated so that these folds in the metal provide additional support over longer spans. Plus, each edge is designed, so the seam is protected using the overlap of the next sheet. This prevents moisture from running under the steel.

Steel also benefits from either zinc galvanizing or fluoropolymer-based paint coatings. The purpose of this is to keep moisture away from the metal and reduce the chance of corrosion. Contact Texas Energy Savers and discover how replacement commercial roofing can improve roofing effectiveness.

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