Style And Strength In 8 Lug Rims

While in the past trucks were typically considered a work or a farm vehicle, today they are upscale vehicles that rival the luxury and style of the sedans on the road. Along with the upgrades to the interior and the body, more and more truck owners are getting rid of the OEM wheels and moving to aftermarket 8 lug rims.

There are several different trends in moving from OEM wheels to the new styles and options in 8 lug rims. By taking a closer look at the different options to consider and the different styles and trends, you can choose just the rims to make your truck the envy of all your friends.

Lots of Color and Chrome

One of the great features of 8 lug rims is the amount of color, design and chrome that can be used on the wheels and still look balanced and not overwhelming on a truck. This is not always the case with a car, but with the larger size of the trucks a bright, flashy set of wheels is a great option to consider.

Typically with the bright colors, which include neon oranges, yellows and greens combined with vibrant blues, reds and even purples, black rims are the standard. This sets off the color and gives the rim a solid, beefy look that matches the truck body.

Chrome 8 lug rims look amazing and come in a variety of styles. Some or more open with multiple styled spokes or a six of seven spoke star types of design while others are a more solid all chrome look. These mirror types of wheels are always popular and truly make an impression.

New technology allows these rims to be very easy to maintain. A wash with a mild soap and water and then a complete rinsing and drying with a microfiber cloth is all that is needed to bring out the shine.


While not a new trend, upsizing or using a bigger wheel size is a great look with both trucks and SUVs. This gives the vehicle a more beefy and rugged look, but with the great options in 8 lug rims it is still a truck that is going to turn heads no matter where you may drive it.

Generally, most brands of 8 lug rims are going to be available in sizes from twenty-two to twenty-eight inches. Additionally, some of the top manufacturers will also make these wheels in a thirty-inch size on some models.

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