Storm Damage? Find a Roofer that can Handle Everything from Tarping the Roof to Interior Repairs!

When a roof is suddenly damaged by a storm, people often find that area roofers have been swamped with business. It’s impossible for even the best roofing companies to get to everyone immediately. This leaves a pressing need to at least stop the rain from pouring in while waiting for the roofer to make a permanent fix.

Fortunately, roofing companies like Mueller Roofing Inc. have a solution to this problem. They have an emergency tarping service that will provide the temporary protection needed until the actual roofing crews can come around. Tarping services can be done much faster because applying a tarp is a much smaller project than actually performing repairs. This allows the crews to apply many tarps during a day when they only be able to do one or two full repair jobs in the same time period.

This type of service works great for those who are at home when their roofs are damaged, but if the residents are on vacation when the storm comes through, the roof may let water in for days before anyone even realizes that something needs to be done. The result, of course, is interior water damage as well as the roof problem. In that case, the residents need more than roof repairs in Frankfort IL; they need a company that can fix all of the follow-on damage as well. It’s rare to find a roofing company that can handle everything that is involved, but they do exist. Instead of panicking and taking the first roofer with an opening, people who need interior repair should call around until they find a full-service provider that is licensed to work on more than the roof itself. If you’re interested in this type of service, you can find out more here.

The need for roof repairs in Frankfort IL isn’t just caused by storm damage. Aging roofs often develop leaks due to failing shingles, worn flashing materials, and other such problems. In that case, a patch can sometimes be made. When a roof is quite old, however, it’s a better bet to have new shingles put on instead. Otherwise, more and more shingles will fail and cause both leaks and water damage that can ruin the underlying roof deck. Reshingling stops the game of Whack A Mole and will save money in the long run by preventing further leak damage from occurring.

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