Storage Solutions Available in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Is it time to sell your home? With low mortgage interest rates, many residents are putting their homes on the market. The real estate industry has guidelines and recommendations on how to price and prepare your home for a sale. A modern trend is staging your home to maximize its curb appeal to potential buyers. Decluttering your house and yard is made easy with a storage vault.

Ready Your Home With Storage
Warehouse facilities provide individual vaults for residential use. Storing your bulky furniture, overstuffed chairs and kitchen equipment makes sense. Improve your home’s curb appeal by decluttering your home with storage. Fort Lauderdale, FL has warehouse facilities that provide secure vaults for all your valuables, antiques, and collectibles. Real estate agents encourage sellers to lock away these items before they install the lockbox on the front door. Once the for sale sign goes up, your house is open for viewing by the public. It’s one of the necessary downsides of selling a home. Take the necessary precautions by securing belongings in an off-site vault. There are other reasons customers often need storage:

  • Renovations and additions
  • Downsizing
  • Deceased relative’s estate
  • College furnishings between semesters
  • Short-term residential rental
  • Overseas tour of duty
  • Storage-Transport

Today warehouse facilities provide a variety of size and options to store all types of personal belongings. If you need a mover to transport your possessions, check with the storage facility. Many facilities have national partnerships with moving companies.

The following features should be included with your storage service package:

  • Security alarm
  • After hour security personnel
  • Fire suppression system
  • Ventilation
  • Client access
  • Storage supplies

Have a Back-Up Plan
There are lots of reasons for delays. If you’re renovating your home, there can be unanticipated delays due to inclement weather, shortage of materials or back ordered parts. The good news is that storage facilities provide short- and long-term rental options. Just like a home sale there are all types of circumstances and potential hiccups that are out of your control. Having a back-up plan is a necessity. You can count on a company that provides quality storage. Fort Lauderdale, FL has storage facilities available for short- and long-term use. Take the concern and guesswork out of your next move and partner with a reputable storage facility.

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