Storage Facilities in Baltimore: What you Should Never Leave in Your Unit

Self-storage units are the perfect solution for a nation of people always on the move. In an average year over 40 million people in the United States relocate and in many instances there are household items unable to fit into their new residence. A large number of these people will choose storage units as a solution. If this is you, the experts want you to know that while self-storage is a cost-effective solution, there are some things you should never place in a storage unit. Here are a few items you will want to keep at home.

Hazardous or Toxic Materials

Obviously any time you have anything which could make someone ill or potentially ignite a fire or cause an explosion, it needs to be properly stored. A storage unit is not the appropriate place. You are not only risking the loss of your own property, but the property stored in all neighboring units as well.


Food will not last in any storage unit and when it does spoil it will encourage insects and rodents. It will also create a smell which will be easily noticed and could result in you being evicted from your space.
There are safe and reliable storage facilities in Baltimore where you can confidently store your possessions when they are not in use. But it is important to remember that being a good customer and following the rules and standards set by the storage company will make the experience better for everyone. To learn more about storage units near you, Click here.

Irreplaceable Items

Items which can never be replaced like family heirlooms and photos need to be kept safely with you, not crammed into a storage locker. These possessions are easily broken when items are moved in and out and photos and videos can be destroyed if the unit is not climate controlled.

Anything Living

These are storage areas and not kennels. Any living creature will not be able to survive long in such harsh conditions. It should go without saying that by “living creatures” that also includes furnishings which may be infested with cockroaches, fleas or bedbugs. By doing do, you are potentially infecting every unit which is close to yours.

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