Storage Container Moving Services Provide Options for Storage and Mobility Needs

If you need storage or an office space quickly, Mobile On Demand Storage of NY Inc. might have a solution for you. This is a Storage Container Moving Services company that has a variety of storage options. For containers there are on-site long-term and short-term leasing, or even purchase option. The containers are made of high tensile steel, are anti-corrosive and are also weather resistant.

1) The Climate controlled units are for storing perishable goods or records that need to be in a controlled climate. The walls are 12 inches thick and keep units close to freezing temperatures. These also have a short or long term lease option.

2) The custom fabricated units can be customized depending on your needs, whether its for a storage unit or office trailer. Some features are roll up doors, additional vents, a panic or swing door, a partition wall. When leasing these, the options are short or long term.

3) Road trailers are available for those who need to transport goods; these are designed to be moved from location to location (while the other containers are stationary once moved). They have loading dock access and come with materials, supplies and equipment.

4) Shanties are an easy storage option for use as a tool shed or for storing any supplies you may use often. These come in various sizes, from 8’x4′ to 12’x32′ and the leasing options can be short or long term or permanent.

5) An office trailer is available for a job site etc. The office trailer has a bathroom, carpet or tile floor options, desks and tables, air conditioning, and electrical outlets. These trailers come in various sizes ranging from 8’x20′ 20’x16′ to 24’x60′ 24’x56′. All office trailers are available for rent or purchase.

When using mobile on demand storage repair on the unit and its accessories, plumbing and roof leaks or floor repair needs will be handled by their maintenance staff. In addition to providing various types storage, mobile on demand storage can also provide Storage Container Moving Services. They can help move rented and purchased storage containers or relocate even the largest office trailer.

As an option for short or long-term, stationary or mobile storage Mobile On Demand Storage of NY Inc.
might have the combination of alternatives that will work for any business. Storage Container Moving Services provide options for any job.

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