Steps of Land Development in Gulfport MS

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Business & Economics

Building is never easy, and there are many things that need to be considered. Land development is a major stage in any construction process. Land development is the altering of land from a natural to a semi-natural state for a purpose such as agriculture or housing. Land development can also be used to sub-divide real estate into lots or for developing property. For example, turning an old factory into a condominium project.

If you are looking for a company that can assist you through the stages of land development and also supply the equipment needed, then Oneal-bond engineering may be the company you are looking need.

Their team of staff includes 14 civil engineering and environmental engineers including 3 licensed engineers, and professionally trained technicians which include land surveying, land development, urban landscaping, hardscaping design, civil consulting, and environmental consulting.

In order to start land development in Gulfport MS there are steps that must be followed. Some of these steps are:

1. The first step in land development is surveying and planning with the company. Surveying allows the company to take accurate measurements of the land and its terrain. When this is complete the company will recommend how the job will be done. The planning process will allow the company to give you exact numbers for items such as costs and time periods.

2. The second process is getting permits. The government has to approve the work being done. This may take several days. They will survey the area and look at the plans to ensure that no damage will be done.

3. Once the government is satisfied and the permits are released then the digging may begin. Here the company will contract a company and give them the plans. The soil can either be moved permanently or simply be used to level uneven terrain or be used for another purpose. As the work is being done engineers will continuously survey to make sure the plan is being followed.

4. Once the digging is done, the ground will be surveyed once more to ensure it is to your satisfaction and the payment shall be made.

In conclusion, land development is a process that takes time. Jobs that are rushed may cause damage, so ensure you are fully aware of what is happening through each stage and do not be afraid to ask questions about land development in Gulfport MS.

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