Steps Necessary For Hornet Removal In Pittsburgh

Steps Necessary For Hornet Removal In Pittsburgh

If a hornet nest is located on an individual’s front porch and the threat of being stung is preventing the person from spending time outdoors, the following steps will assist with Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh. Afterward, a home owner can hire The-Beeman or another pest control company to inspect the premises and administer pesticides if hornets or other types of pests become an issue again. Information about pest removal services can be acquired by visiting or a comparable website.


  *    nontoxic pesticide

  *    garden sprayer

  *    water hose

  *    protective clothing

  *    work gloves

  *    mesh material

  *    ladder

  *    flashlight

  *    plastic sheeting

  *    long stick

  *    shovel

Preparing Pesticide And Clothing

A nontoxic pesticide can be poured into a garden sprayer’s tank. A water hose can be used to add water to pesticide if it is required. Once a tank has been attached to a garden sprayer, the agitating button needs to be turned on for a minute or two to mix the components in a tank. Protective clothing, such as a shirt with long sleeves and pants should be worn so that the person administering the pesticide won’t be susceptible to stings from hornets. A piece of mesh can also be worn over someone’s head so that their face is protected while completing the steps necessary for Hornet Removal in Pittsburgh.

Applying Pesticide And Eliminating A Nest

A ladder needs to be set up on a porch if a nest is not within reach. Wasps should be sprayed when it is dark outside since this is when they are least active. A flashlight can be used to increase visibility while a nest and its opening are sprayed. An equal amount of a pesticide should be applied to a nest. The person who is treating wasps should apply a liberal amount of pesticide to a hive and should make sure that the entrance way to the nest is covered completely.

After a hive is sprayed, it may take a while for wasps to die. A hive can be inspected the following day and more pesticide can be applied if necessary. Once wasps have died, a piece of plastic sheeting should be laid across a porch’s flooring. A long stick or shovel can be used to strike a hive so that it loosens from the surface that it is attached to. A hive can be disposed of with other household trash. Browse the website for more details.

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