Staying Safe While Using Your Garage Door

Staying Safe While Using Your Garage Door

You may not think about your garage door much, but in truth, it’s the heaviest and largest moving object found in your home. That is why it’s important to be cautious about it and avoid any activities that could lead to injury. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sliding, push-up or overhead garage door in Rockledge, FL: it can be dangerous. Knowing how to be safe around it is crucial for everyone in your home.

Inspect the Safety Sensors

Your garage door will have safety sensors located on each side of the door about six inches from the ground. These sensors ensure that the door does not close on a person or animal who walks under the door. You can test if this is working by pushing the control button and placing an object in front of a sensor. This should cause the door to reverse immediately.

Watch Little Fingers

While anyone can end up in a situation where their fingers get stuck in between the panels of the garage door, it’s most common in children. Make sure everyone in the home is aware of how dangerous this can be and that they never place any body parts near or on the door when it is operating. While some doors now have pinch protection, there is still the potential for injury.

Test Auto-Reverse

In addition to the sensors tested above, there is a second safety feature on your overhead garage door in Rockledge, FL. To test whether it is working correctly, all you need to do is open up your garage door. Then place an object like a paint can in the area under the door. When you press the button for the door to come down, watch. If it reaches the can and reverses, it’s working the way it should. If it doesn’t, you need the help of a professional to repair the door.

Check Door Force

Another thing to check easily is whether the door stops when you apply force. For this test, you are simply going to push down on the door when it’s going up or push up when it’s going down. It should cause the door to stop moving. If it does not, this is something else that needs repair.

Garage Repair Quickly

If you are experiencing a problem with your garage door, the experts at Paradise Garage Doors can help. To set an appointment or learn more, visit

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